Monday, August 15, 2016

Open Letter To Her Excellency

Your Excellency, I’ve been waiting to get at least a note from your end. If anyone had told me that I will get anxious about not hearing from you, I would have shrug it off, that the fellow is ignorant of my busy schedule.
Well, the truth now is that I am anxiously waiting to hear from you. I was told it may take some days before you will gain access to WiFi. That is not comforting news at all. Your departure to R--- wasn’t this painful. I guess that was because I could gate-crash to visit if I so desired. This new school is over 600km away. You will be doing a lot of good if you send just a ping.
Meanwhile, I hope you are keeping a journal of all the events that I missed out on. Her royal majesty promised to bring home pictures that will at least soothe our nerves and compensation for all the fun we missed. We are eagerly awaiting her arrival. She too seems to be missing you already. As she journey back, she is not enthusiastic about given update on the progress of the journey. I guess, mama is missing her baby already.

Yesterday was quite busy as I shuttled between two local assemblies to share with the brethren. Not that I planned it so, but what can I do when Her royal Majesty accepted an invitation without even pre-informing me. Thank God it all went well.
Your Excellency, we are eagerly waiting to get at least a note from you confirming that you are doing fine. We know God is taking care of you just as He is doing overtime in taking care of us. Please don't keep us waiting for too long, lest we are tempted to gate-crash!