Thursday, April 3, 2008


1. Never consider divorce an option. It is not a solution to your problem. Divorce is not an acceptable alternative because God says it is not.

2. Do not compare your mate or your marriage to others. There is not another person on earth like you. Your mate is also unique. This means that your marriage is unique. Let God make it what He wants it to be. He will make it perfect!

3. Forgive your mate. You are to forgive as Christ has forgiven you. You are a sinner. He or she is a sinner. You are not perfect-so be willing to forgive one another. And do it right away before any bitterness can build up.

4. Stop all criticism. Love does not criticize and find fault. Therefore, if you are critical of your mate, you do not have a heart of love. Stop all criticism. Instead, try a little praise. It works like magic!

5. Start communicating with your mate. Communication is completely broken down in many homes and marriages. Start listening to what your mate is saying as well as to what he or she is not saying. Break down the barriers by being vulnerable. Try saying, "Honey, what is the biggest fault I have?" Then say, "Would you please help me, by the grace of God, to gain victory over that fault?"

6. Refuse any relationship outside your marriage in which affection is sought or given. This substitute could even be a relative, a friend, or a neighbor. Do not seek to make someone else a substitute for what you are not getting in your marriage. You will never solve your problem doing this.

7. Trust your mate. Trust your spouse, even if he or she is wrong -you are right in trusting. A marriage must be based on trust. It cannot survive without it.

8. Do something every day to please your mate-something that you know will bring your partner joy and happiness. This is not asking much-to do one thing-but it pays big dividends.

9. Thank God every day for the 25 best qualities in your mate. Write them down. Concentrate on them and the positive will soon outshine the negative.

Okay, I’ll give you an extra
10 —Plan a second honeymoon! For further assistance read Songs of Solomon. ;-) – Contributed by

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Google Adsense Scamming - Do Not fall for it!

Today is April 1st. A lot of people are playing pranks on their friends and family member. When the victim of the joke is looking bewildered, they simply remind him or her that today is April 1st by saying “April Fool”. (There is no room for such pranks in the life of a christian. Is there?)

Well, there is a bigger and more serious prank going on here in Nigeria. Some scammers are selling get rich overnight Google Adsense Package. Do not fall “mugu” for it. You can read more about it in the following article Google Adsense and Nigerian Online Entrepreneurs Shalom