Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Princess Steps Out In Grand Style!

Well, we all expected her to make the big move long before her first year birthday anniversary, but our celebrity loves doing her own thing when it best suit her. The birthday came and passed and she was not ready to put our unwarranted anxiety to rest. She was enjoying herself as she kept us longing for a glimpse of her majestic step-out. Maybe to calm us a little during the Christmas celebration, she showed us some signs, but nobody took those for serious move because it wasn't the first time. Well, yesterday, when nobody expected any unusual surprise from her Excellency. She took some gallant step as she marched out in style in the church. It was quite difficult holding my excitement as I watched her from the altar. Even though it was brief, yet it is a moment I will long remember as one who was privileged to watch her excellency step out in style.