Monday, February 16, 2009

Parting With A Beloved One Painful But Necessary

It is painful to part with someone you love. But change is the only thing that is permanent. This weekend, it was time for my local assembly resident Pastor to leave for another assignment. He has just spent 5months with us, but believe me, it is as if he has been with us for 5years. If not that we were under the church authority, some brethren would have carried placards to protest his transfer.

His brief stay in the parish has affected our lives in such a tremendous way that tears flowed freely when we were informed of his transfer. As I ponder on this, I remember that it was a similar emotion I had when the previous pastors were transferred. It was as if nobody else could occupy the position. But then, I was wrong. Each new pastor ended up being as wonderful in his own unique way as the previous.

Much more, I ended up having several pastors that I can call upon and relate with. Thank God for the wisdom of the church authority. The decision to change pastors has done more good to the congregation as we get to benefit from the various gifts deposited by the Almighty in each of this great servants of His. Let somebody shout a big Halleluyah!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Coping With Tough Times

Two_hundred_nairaImage via Wikipedia

This are no easy time for Nigerians. The global economic crises is taking its toil on the citizens. Saying that the masses are getting impoverished may be an understatement as the Nigerian Naira value continues to fall against major foreign currency. That is bad news to the population of Nigeria that mostly rely on foreign goods.

Unfortunately, the various tiers of Governments are not helping matters with their various new economic and social policies. Instead of making adequate research to understand the plight of the citizens, government officials are attempting to implement laudable policies by the book.
This has added to the hardship being suffered by the average Nigerian. All around, I see people groaning under the heavy economic burden.

It seems nobody really know what to do. It reminds me of the situation that King David must have faced when he wrote that eternal piece in Psalm 121. It is time to look-up unto God for help and succor.