Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Entrecard Team Offers 75,000EC in Contest!

The Entrecard Team is offering a chance for bloggers who are members of the community to win 2000EC and 15,000EC in two separate contests that are running concurrently. This contests are meant to promote the launch of their official ebook. The ebook is meant to serve as a guide to new bloggers joining the system. You can download the manual from here.

The ebook is free but you have to do one or two things to participate in the contests. To win the 2,000EC you need to make a post like this one on your blog and then drop a comment on the official Entrecard Blog. For the 15,000 Entrecard Credit you have to add a new blog to the one you already have on Entrecard or combine two separate blogs or more into one account. You can get more details about the contest here.