Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I Goofed!!!

Some of my friends have been wondering why I have been offline for so long now. Well, the truth is that I goofed. Yes, I failed to adhere to that common adage that "Health is Wealth". I got too busy doing too many "important" things (secular and spiritual). Even when when the referee started blowing whistle that I am failing to play by the rule (I was having pains signals all over my body). I argued and continued. Eventually, I landed with a RED CARD.
It was while I was off the pitch (offline and on sick bed, racked with terrible pains being inflicted by malaria) that I started paying attention to the Holy Spirit.
I was only praying for forgiveness. I knew that my illness had nothing to do with the devil. It was self inflicted because of my foolishness.
I learnt some few lessons which I will share as the opportunity arises. But let me quickly share some now.
1. 60minutes is a terribly long time. Ask someone who is unable to sleep in the middle of the night due to excruciating pains.
2. The so called tight schedule that makes you cut down on rest-time is just "the foolish imagination of ones mind". With or without   you the world and its activities will continue.
3. Your health is one of the greatest gift from God that money cannot buy. You can employ the service of the best physicians and get the best medications ever produce by man. But only God can restore your health (that is why billionaires still die in hospitals)

Well I have learnt my lesson. I pray that the Lord will grant me the grace to keep my promise of not acting foolishly again. I don't want my family to suffer as a result of my own foolishness.


Bola said...

Glory be to God who restored you back to good health,despite our failings he is always there for us.Please,ensure you complete your treatment,as you rightly said, health is wealth.

Bro. Tee said...

Thanks Sis.B you are always a blessing. I completed the medication yesterday. And I am striving hard to ensure I do not repeat the same mistake. I pray that the Lord will help me. My wife often tease that I am too excited. It is always as if I have a dynamo right inside of me that hardly permit me to be idle. But I guess I have to watch it now, lest I bring reproach to the name of the Lord.