Saturday, October 6, 2007

Microsoft Baby - Hard to wean!

For about a week now, I have not been able to write any article on my blog. I have been busy trying to break my loyalty to Microsoft Windows XP. I wanted to join the Ubuntu Club of Teens (Those who are willing to have a go at Linux Operating Systems so long everything looks and sound like Microsoft Windows).

Well, I made appreciable progress, but I had to abandon the project for now. There are too many changes required of me and my work was begining to suffer neglect. I struggle to do simple tasks on Ubuntu Fiesty but kept on failing like a child attempting to walk for the very first time.

Dont' misunderstand me, the problem is not with Ubuntu Fiesty (I can sincerely say it is a very good operating system and quite user friendly) The problem is with me being a complete linux novice and a spoilt Microsoft brat that is used to others doing the dirty jobs while he plays around with a mouse 'click' 'click' 'click'. I hate working with the black screen.

Well I discovered that Ubuntu prefer children growing up as responsible adults. So right from day one, you are expected to do things for yourself. You have to sudo apt-get gedit e.t.c Well at first I said I was willing, but after spending a good part of three days trying to set my system up the way I want it to be, I had to suspend the trasition and go back to Windows XP.

Installing Ubuntu Fiesty was quite easy. However, my screen resolution became a real issue as I tried to change from 800x600 to 1024x 768 or something better. I struggled with it. I visited many forums and got several suggestions. However, at the end of the day, the stubborn screen only changed temporarily and returned to the ugly 800x600 when I rebooted my system.

Also, I installed wine because I had to use some Visual Basic programs which have to do with my official work. Unfortunately, I was unable to get the programs work on Wine. So, I decided to install Win4Lin. It installed successfully, but refuse to run. Later I came accross a recommendation on Virtual Box. I downloaded and installed it. It installed successfully, and ran wonderfully. However, after installing WinXP on it, I discovered that I have issues to still combact with. My USB works on the Host (Ubuntu) but does not show on the Guest (WinXP). Also, getting the network right became a major issue.

So, I decided to suspend my migration until a later time. I am not quiting, but a week solely devoted to weaning myself from Microsoft Win XP is a great sacrifice. I have too many task piled up on my desk. I really wish I have a friend around that knows better than I do about linux.


Anonymous said...

Friends don't let friends use Windows.

I kicked the MS habit a few years ago and now I run Linux on everything. My wife loves it too.

I even use it as a media centre, one that isn't crippled by design by DRM!

I hope you get further in you weaning, it can be a bit of an effort at times, but the end result is entirely worth it.

As for Linux friends, there are plenty in the Ubuntu forums...I am yet to have an original problem!