Friday, September 14, 2007

Atempting to Pimp my Nokia 3230

Hmnnnnn for over 48hours now, I have been searching for a tip on how I can make my Nokia 3230 display custom Operator's Logo instead of the boring one that is supplied by my SIM card.
So far I have succeeded in removing the boring one.
But I am not satisfied with the replacement because it has a white background which is in sharp constract with the theme being display.
Just having fun I must say. Some things are not as simple as they seem.


Orangeman said...

There's a program called Opman.. You can try that.. Works like a gem.. Just use a jpg file of size 72x14 or just use the inbuilt cropper to select an area of the available pic. You can get the software at or sites like that.. Enjoy pimpin your phone!!

Bro. Tee said...


Thanks, I already have that. But it doesn't produce a transparent background. It presents the writeup with a white background.

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