Monday, September 17, 2007

Joke - GP Doors Operating System

Grandpa - Hey Arthur, why are you looking upset?

Arthur - While trying to log in my Window just crashed!

Grandpa - When did you start logging business (Wood Business)? I thought you are working for An Advertisement Company?

Arthur - No grandpa! I am not into logging. What I mean by LOG IN is gaining entrance to my working machine.

Grandpa - Okay, now I understand. But then why go through WINDOW when the DOOR is there?

Arthur - Grandpa, you don't understand, WINDOW is an operating system that grants access to my working machine. There are others like Linux, OS2, Mac....but I prefer WINDOWS
Grandpa - Boy, if you refuse to use the DOOR and prefer WINDOW, then expect crashes and bruises. In my 92 years of existence, I've always prefer DOORS to WINDOWS.