Thursday, September 6, 2007

From Nairaland - Yaradua to rule for 15years!!!

I came across this funny article, I felt I should share with you.

Re: Yaradua to rule for 15years!!!

If Nigerians are pessimistic, Who is to blame? The politician of course. They blab about how they will make Nigeria better than New York if they come to power. But alas, they cannot deliver in simple basic infrastructures and amenities.
How can someone be talking about planning for 15years when they cannot even successfully plan for 12months.

I beg all of them should stop imagining that the citizens are gullible. We are not.

After 100 days in office, they are yet to lay down a plan on how to solve the problem of electricity. All that OBJ administration achieved in that sector is constant naming ceremony for the inefficient government's electric power authority. N.E.P.A, N.E.P Plc, PHCN very soon we will read about another naming ceremony for the organisation.
Let the Federal Government tell us, what its plan is for the remaining part of 2007. Then they can give us their plan for the year 2008. That is the way it is done in well organized society.

Talking about 2020 while the legislators are busy debating on how much their "speaker" is supposed to use for renovation is simply not convincing.

How can we be talking about 2020 when the ordinary citizens are dying because of deadly pot-holes on our Federal roads. For eight years, the last administration was planning on how they will dualize the Benin - Lagos road. So many lives and goods have been lost and yet, nothing is achieved. Now we are being told of paradise come 2020.

" I beg, let's talk about something much more serious" "Na person wey dey alive go see 2020" " No be person wey in whole family don pafuka say because of in put I pass my neighbour inside room dose off" (Too many Nigerians have died from fumes from generator).

You can read the rest of the article here.