Wednesday, September 19, 2007

SPEAK UP! - Nigeria Project


I came in contact with a passionate Nigerian blogger Nigerian Curiosity. After reading some of the articles I was definitely impressed.

Now the main gist is the fact that the blogger in conjunction with some other Nigerians are organizing a SPEAK OUT project to commemorate the Nigerian independent on 1st October, 2007.

I feel every Nigerian blogger should participate. Not because there is a prize to be won (a Nano iPod) but because it is our own contribution to the growth of our nation. Evil thrives when the righteous keep silent. Get more information at Nigerian Light House



Hey Bro Tee: Thanks so much for reading my posts and appreciating them. Your comments have provided much insight!

Thanks also for spotlighting the Speak Up Nigeria initiative. It is a positive project that hopes to unify all Nigerians in commemoration of our nation's independence and celebrate a bright future for ourselves and our children.

I hope you sent a message to