Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Challenge of a Nursing Mother

The baby is just three months old. She looked at him as he lay in his cozy cot. Sleeping away in the wee hours of the day. The innocent look on his face and the chubby cheeks almost brought out the tear she has been fighting back. Here is her bundle of joy sleeping peacefully; ignorant of the fact that mother must leave him for the next seven hours because the maternity leave is over.

Not that she liked the idea of living this little one for such a length of time when he is still so tender and need all the love a mother can provide. The fact is, she has no better option! She must go to work because the family needs the additional income. She quickly placed a soft peck on the rosy cheek of the sleeping-handsome and tip-toed out of the room thinking “Mama said that when I was this tender, I was never left for more than 10minutes. I wish I don’t have to do this”

Thumbs down to all the greedy politicians. There would have been no need for this forceful separation of mother and child at such a tender age, if the natural resources bestowed on the nation has been well managed. Thumbs down to all the greedy past leaders, who through their greed and corruption, has bastardize the economy.


renee - 21st Century Parenting said...

I am glad someone brings up the injustice to all babies who must be left in the hands of someone else while their mother works. I think it's even harder for babies who nurse. I know my little one naturally EXPECTS mommy to be ON CALL... As it SHOULD be.

btw... found you through the facebook entrecard group.

alice said...

Hi there! I love your blog :)
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BroTee said...

Thanks Renee, I really do wish I can do something for the little ones. Maybe this post will serve as a little contribution towards their cause.
Thanks for dropping by.

Paula said...

I left my son at just 7 weeks old to return to work. It was miserable for both of us. I did send my milk for him to enjoy while we were way to send a piece of me with him. We always tried to make up for our separation with unlimited connection upon our reunion..including sleeping together all night. The nights are a great way to reconnect and make up for lost time. If we could afford to live on my husband's 30K a year...I would certainly put my notice in ASAP! Thanks for the post.