Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Yes, the Goal is accomplished. Dumb as it may seem, I feel elated that I didn't abandon the tour because of other people's opinion. Did I learn anything? Yes, I learnt quite a few things. Here are the ones I consider most important.
  • I learnt the power of setting Goal and putting a time limit.
  • I learnt the importance of not celebrating success when you are 75% done. It is not over until you get the trophy.
  • I learnt that there are many wonderful blogs and bloggers.
  • Finally, I learnt that the Entrecard system is unique in the blogosphere.
See the last set of blogs I visited below.

Please note, PowerDropping was not the last blog I visited, it is actually one of the few I visit everyday, but I realised it wasn't in my list and yet the blog that was Number 1,000th was not displaying the Entrecard Widget, so I simply replaced the blog with PowerDropping which is more worthy of the unique position.

To all those who encouraged me I say a big THANK YOU! Also to all those who criticized and express how silly, stupid, un-innovative and dumb the Tour was I say a bigger THANK YOU! ;-)
Finally, to the Entrecard Team I say the biggest THANK YOU!!!
Entrecard Rocks!

Updated 2008: I had to remove the list of visited blogs and replace it with a poor screenshot because I got penalized by Google for having too much links on a page! (Did that when I was a noob. Now I know better) Maybe they will reconsider and return my PageRank.


wwn said...

You left me out!!!

Congratulations, all the same.

mummifiedx5 said...

Congratulations on achieving your goal! :)


BroTee said...

Hi Osita, sorry about that. However, I checked your blog and discovered that you've not join Entrecard. So even though I visited, I couldn't include your name because it wasn't in my original list. Thanks for visiting.

Thanks for your encouragement. I'm off to check what is cooking at your blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for not giving up, and thanks for visiting my blog! #964.

Sameer said...

great work, Entrecard rocks! happy blogging chears.(*_*)

thanks for visiting my site.