Friday, February 15, 2008

Is my blog the Ugliest?

I wonder if my blog is the ugliest blog around. I received a visitor to my blog in the wee hours of today. The person was so angry with my statement that the blogs that I have visited can be categorised into the GOOD, the BAD, the UGLY and the WEIRD. The person under the camouflage of Anonymous dropped some unprintable words in the comment section.

I was just surprised that someone can get so upset when I have not pinpointed his or her blog as being the UGLY or the WEIRD! Anyone that has visited more than ten blogs in their lifetime will agree that some blogs layout design are simply ugly (maybe mine is among, you are left to judge) yet they have quality content! Yet some have beautiful designs but are simply lacking in quality content.

Since I did not call any blog names, I guess it is plain wickedness someone calling me unprintable names just because I viewed my opinion. After-all it is boldly stated that this blog is all about my online diary. If you don't like the content of my diary, you can simply write what you like in yours and share it :-) There is no need looking for who to pick a quarrel with.

All said and done, I think I have one of the ugliest LOGO, but I love it! It is copyright protected!!! (Just kidding, lol) Cheers.


Bola said...

I guess u can't please everyone.How a u,members of ur family and work?Been a long time but u'll have to pardon my absence.Need ur support in prayer,pls join us to pray for a natural and safe delivery,it is important to us.May not be frequent for a while yet.Greetings to ur family.

Jamie said...

I was on your list and took no offense at all. I know my blog is beautiful and my content is great. Perhaps this "anonymous" knows his/her blog is bad and hates that you may have pointed it out.

Enjoy your weekend!

BroTee said...

Nice hearing from you after such a long while. We are doing fine by His grace. Work has really been tedious. But then since we pray for prosperity how can I complain?
By the grace of God we will have you in our prayers. We love you with the love of God. Shalom

Thanks for visiting. For sure your blog is beautiful. And I love the last post
It sure is a good advice to me. Cheers.

Angelika said...

I don't think your blog is ugly.

All I see is white, but at least there aren't 503 ads & autoplay music. :-)

luvluv said...


If your blog is ugly then Google's ugly too but why is it no. 1? :)

People who are really worth nothing try to feel important but putting other people down. You just have to get used to it.

Your blog is fine, minima is my favorite blogger template, but you should allow comments from independently hosted blogs.


domesticgoddess said...

I enjoyed reading your posts and love the layout. I am also proud that I have your blog as my featured entrecard! Hope you check out my blog sometime!


Carol said...

Your blog isn't ugly, just simple and plain. I think Minima was made to play with. :)
I used Minima white and inserted a background image and it made all the difference. If you want to jazz your blog up, I'll give you the code - you just need a background.

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