Friday, February 22, 2008

Learn Basic Html Codes for free !

Yesterday, as I was stumbling from one website to another, I came across a website that provides free tutorial on Website Design’s and related topics. The curious one that I am, I got hooked. I spent over an hour learning basic HTML codes using the tutorials provided on the website.

It was quite interesting. I felt it was a good investment of my time. I made some good discovery but much more, I was happy that I am learning how to go under the hood to see what really makes the engine tick.

The website has an easy approach to the subjects such that as you learn one little code, you can practice it immediately and derive immense pleasure in seeing the code work. You don’t need to install any software or register for anything. Just invest a little time and have fun while accumulating knowledge at the same time.

I sure am going to learn a lot from there. This post is unique just because I have been able to apply some little tricks and tips I learnt from there. Enjoy!


Moon Goddess Lae said...

Thank you for sharing!NICE..