Thursday, February 14, 2008


My bible tells me that this is the day that the Lord God has made, I should rejoice and be glad in it. That statement alone calls for celebration. I made a post yesterday recounting the incident that happened in my home. That post brought the longest single comment I have ever received since I started blogging.

Unfortunately, the commenter decided to remain anonymous. He raised some issues that I am yet to verify. But while I am doing that, I wish to comment on the way a lot of Christians are going about mixing with the multitude today and falling into sins all in the name of celebrating VALENTINE!

While I have no right to tell you what day to celebrate and which one not to celebrate, wisdom demands that we do nothing that jeopardize our fellowship with the Almighty. Committing sexual immorality physically, virtually or even in our imagination is no way to celebrate a day made by God.

If you are planning to do something un-biblical before you stumbled on this post, I plead with you that you stop and repent of such foolishness. God won't understand why you have to sell your birthright just because of February 14th. You know that is true.

So go ahead, make the day what you think it should be, just remember that sometime in the future, you will stand before Him to give account of how you spent today. Shalom