Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Satisfied Customer recommends Theme Lab

I purchased a Domain name from Theme Lab today, via the Entrecard Shop. The whole transaction happened so fast and so smooth. I was so impressed by the dedication of the webmaster at Theme Lab to ensure that I got value for my money (Entrecard EC).

If you're in doubt of the genuineness of the Entrecard Shop, here is a testimonial from a fully satisfied customer of Theme Lab stating without sentiment that the system works. I actually look forward to doing more business with Theme Lab.

Note: This is not a paid review. It is rather the testimony of a satisfied customer and probably a challenge to other Entrecard Licensed Merchants. Theme Lab rocks! Thumbs up for the Entrecard Team!


Anonymous said...

thanks for this tip.

Bola said...

Thanks for dropping by today and for your observation, you were right and correction has been made.But i have a question for you on this post, will like to know if the domain name you purchased was a real one?Don't laugh,I'm in the process of purchasing one from Domainstandard here in Nigeria,but if i can get it thru entrcard credits earned then i think it's better.

BroTee said...

It was my pleasure sharing the tip. Thanks for dropping by.

You made my heart raced a bit :-) I quickly ran to Go-Daddy to check if the domain is still under my account. Well it is. So, I can re-emphasize that Themelab are very authentic.
Unfortunately, they seem to be out of stock already. However, I will encourage you to contact them, who knows they may be willing to still sell outside the Entrecard Shop arrangement.
If you need any other information, I will be willing to share. Cheers.

Koala Gal said...

Hi hi So now you've got a Profile picture!

Haven't visited here for some time, your blog got busier, more widgets and long list of links...busy busy blog!!!

Wish you all the best!