Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Goal - Visit 1,000 entrecard member sites!

I have set a goal for myself. A funny one, but one that I feel will be interesting. I plan to visit at least 1,000 Entrecard Member sites before the end of February! I have been visiting members site and dropping cards, but it has been haphazard. I don't keep record.
I was actually challenged when I saw fellow members of Entrecard who claims they drop the maximum number of cards allowed per day. That means they visit at least 300sites on daily basis. Why won't they have traffic! Entrecard has been a good traffic provider for my site of recent. So, I am going to embark on these project and I will be reporting as I visit. This post might end up the single longest post in the history of this blog. So here we go!

Hopefully, the list will grow daily!

Update: List of blogs removed 'cos I got penalized by Google! Never post more than 150links on a page, it is a bad SEO practice that can get you penalize. A pity I learnt a bit late. Hoping Google will reconsider and restore my PR.


williamhessian said...

very ambitious project. i just joined entrecard as well. with my blog blog cherry blog.


it hasnt made your list yet. but i love the idea of listing all the blogs your been too. its time consuming, but pretty cool.

good luck with 1000

Leon said...

Great project. I hope I end up on there.

info said...

visit www.playthere.com
entrecard registered

A. Caleb Hartley - Business Consultant & Entrepreneur said...

Great idea... a nice way to learn more about your fellow blogers AND give some link love!

A. Caleb Hartley
Top Environmental Blog

Thess said...

I hope you be able to complete this project of yours

do come by to my blogs and drop yours when you find the time:


Wilson said...

u have been buying cheap advertising off me but didn't mention me?
hope i will be listed there as well.

BroTee said...

@ all
Thanks for your lovely comments. I am on break for now. I will surely visit all those who comment on this project of mine :-)

Thanks for your sincere comment. Even though it made me feel guilty, I appreciate the fact that you took your time to inform me. I sincerely apologise and promise to visit your blog right now! As for listing your blog, that might be later. The process of listing is much difficult than visiting as I am a newbie with html. Cheers.

The BenSpark said...

I hope you come by and check out Benspark.com. I've been by dropping cards here since I started with Entrecard. Hope you visit me too

Chris M said...

You have a big task ahead of you, good luck!

Stepterix said...

Good work, a handy list for quickly adding credit. You may want to add my site: http://bloodycomputer.blogspot.com

Hope to see a card from you soon

CyberCelt said...

You do not get credits for any visits over 300. I guess it does not matter if your goal is 1000, but just wanted you to know.

Visit me:


Zer0Sleep said...

can you add http://leedoyle.com I am a EC member.

nice idea

Stine said...

That's quite a goal you've set for yourself. Good luck!

Sean Morris said...

Thanks , I was the first one on the list there.

Angelika said...

Good luck!

I drop close to 300 a day, but it's usually just the blogs I like, LOL.

What would be hard for me is visiting 1000 blogs that hold no interest for me. :-)

BroTee said...

@ Angelika
Anyone can set any kind of silly goal. Remember, one man's meat is another's poison :-)
I just want to give myself kudo for visiting 1,000 different blogs. I guess no blogger will be offended by that.
So, far I have visited some blogs who registered with Entrecard but do not display the card. I didn't feel bad about my inability to drop card on such site, my goal is not to drop 1,000 Entrecard - Cards, rather it is to visit 1,000 Entrecard registered blogs. Cheers.

Tam said...

A very ambitious project, I wish you the best.

Inspired me to visit a few more sites myself. I've only just discovered entrecard this week, it rocks!

Here's my address to help you notch up one more.


Anna said...

Great goal. I too have been working to increase my traffic rate. Hey, don't we all. I love your site name. Here is my sites link to help in your quest.
If I don't see you on this side of Heaven, then I am glad that I will see you on the other side. May God continue to bless you.

Sameer said...

Wow it's amazing, best off luck for your goal. hope soon entrecard give every members to drop 1000 card in a day.


EzRich said...

New upcoming site that you may to include in your list:


God bless

BroTee said...

Well even though the task has long been concluded, I visited your site.
Thanks for dropping by. Cheers.