Saturday, July 28, 2007

JOKE - A Discussion in Heaven

God: Angels, do you know what I was just thinking about?

Angels: What were you thinking about?

God: Christians seem to have forgotten what kind of power they have available and the devil keeps on deceiving them!

Angels: God, exactly what are you driving at?

God: I have made my children in such a way that when the people of the world are sitting, they would be standing, when the world is standing, they will stand out, when the world stands out, my children must be outstanding and when the devil dares the world to be outstanding, my people will be the standards to be used!

Jesus Christ: They (Christians) are also forgetting the words in Ephesians 1:3.

God: Please read it out!

Angel: Praise be to the god and father of our lord Jesus Christ , who has blessed us in the heavenly places with every spiritual blessing in Christ .

Angel: So what do we do now since the end is almost near?

Holy Spirit: My Presence is still among men and I will teach and remind the Christians of all that we have discussed. I will also make sure that they pass this message on!

Jesus Christ: I will also keep on interceding for them and stand in for them even in their weaknesses.

God: I will also make sure that I give to all those who ask of me, seek me and try to find me. The blessings I have promised them through my son Jesus Christ will be delivered to all those who discover that I, Jehovah, I am ready to bless them! Not because of any special things that they have done, but just because I LOVE THEM!

Jesus Christ: I will also give all my followers who are willing to pass this conversation on, enough strength to carry on!

Angels: We are all backing THE TRINITY and even the devil cannot stop us! How funny! Christians are finally taking over and .......

Devil (eavesdropping behind the gates): I hope you all heard! I will deploy more troops (demons) and make sure the Christians pray less, read their Bibles less, preach less and make sure this mail does not move anywhere! Also.....

You sure heard that! The devil will make sure you do not pass this on but prove him wrong and show him the power you have in Christ Jesus as a Christian. Pray more study the word more and preach the word! Do not disappoint God ! Pass it on!

Sent via email by my Big Sister Opeyemi