Thursday, July 19, 2007

What is Port Harcourt turning into?

Wait a minute! What is really happening in Port Harcourt? I just discovered that the same stressful dog life I ran away from (in Lagos) is what is forming right before my eyes here in Port Harcourt.
When I relocated to Port Harcourt in 1987 to join my Uncle. I was very happy that I have escaped the hustling and bustling lifestyle that Lagos has become internationally known for.
I was so happy about the serenity of the environment and the kind nature of the people. I did not last a month before I genuinely gave my life to Christ.
Now, 20years after, the story has changed. Port Harcourt seems to be worse than Lagos as far as I am concerned as an individual.
  • Bad Roads
  • Lack of electricity
  • Dirty environments
  • Hostile people
  • High crime rate
The only thing that has kept me from regretting settling in Port Harcourt is the church! Yes, the church makes the whole difference. It provides a place of comfort away from the hostility that pervades the entire city.
I meet and relate with brethren from different tribes and different works of life who despite my tribe treats me as blood relation. I give thanks to the Lord Jesus for this.