Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Investing in shares

Hmn, at last, I've taken the very first step in starting my own stock trading. Many friends and colleagues in time past have tried unsuccessfully to convince me that stock trading is not the same thing as gambling.
Well, at last I've gotten rid of the old fear of loosing my savings. I'm ready to take some risk and create residual income. Afterall, I can't remain a bean counter for ever (smiles).
I actually visited CASHCRAFT today. I was shocked to note that the address posted on their website was wrong. Maybe the phone lines are wrong too. Cos they never went through.
Well the staff I spoke with was nice. She politely answered all my questions (some must have sounded stupid I guess). At the end of the conversation with her, I walked away feeling happy that I have taken a good step towards becoming an investor.
A nice one.