Monday, July 23, 2007


Praise the Lord! Somebody please shout a big Halleluyah on my behalf. The Lord has just delivered me from shame. Here is my testimony:

On Saturday the 21st of July, 2007. I borrowed a camcorder from my office. It is the official camcorder that is usually used for recording during site visits. The camcorder is a SONY handycam. The camcorder has three mini-DVD disc that was purchased with it. Since the event I was going to record will be over an hour, I decided to take along the 3discs.

In preparation for the event, I backed up the content of the discs to my pc hard-disk. Unfortunately, after successfully backing up the contents of 2 of the disc, I decided to check if I will be able to return the content of the discs back so that when I am true with my event I will be able to transfer back the content of each discs since they contained official recordings.
I successfully transfered the content back to the first disc using NERO software. However, when I inserted the disk back into the camcorder, I was greeted with an error message that the disc is invalid.

I panicked and started employing all the knowledge I have about discs in order to make the camcorder recognise the disc. While doing that, unfortunately, I missed up the faulty disc with another disc that was ok. I had already giving the reformat command on my desktop pc before I realized that I have made another mistake. To cut the long story short, I ended up with 2 discs that have been rendered invalid.

At that point, I was very unhappy and I made frantic effort to get help from the internet. Unfortunately, my search on the internet only confirmed my worse fear. The discs can no longer be used on the camcorder. So I was left with just one disc which can only record for less than 30mins and two invalid disc. At that point, I remembered to pray and I quickly left the office to attend the lecture I was having at Jesus House Parish that afternoon.

Today, (monday 23rd July, 2007) I made a call to a friend who sells computer accessories. He called back that he was able to get Imation products that are exactly the same capacity with the damaged SONY mini-DVD discs. I told him I will come and pick it up.
However, I decided to check around on my own to see if I can find SONY replacement for the discs. Unfortunately, the one I got was 3times the price of the Imation product. Reluctantly, I went and picked up the Imation product, (fearing that it might not work with the camcorder because I read on the internet that the camcorder is very choosy).

But praise God!!! It worked perfectly. At first when I inserted the disc, I was greeted with a message that says "SONY RECOMMENDED" I ignored the message and clicked on FORMAT. Holding my breath, I waited for the camcorder to finish the format. Halleluyah!!! It was successful. I used the camcorder to record and take pictures. The production was the same.
I give God praise for saving me from embarassment. It was easier explaining to my boss what happened to the original SONY DVD discs while holding the replacement. It would have been a big embarrassment if I was unable to get replacement.

I am grateful to God and all those brethren who remembers me in their prayers. Shalom