Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why Sit Near The Front?

There is a tendency to "spread out" and leave vacant pews in the front of the auditorium. You will never be motivated to sit toward the front until you convince yourself of the value of doing so. Here are some reasons to consider:

· Because it is considerate of other people. People who come in late, especially visitors, want to be seated as quickly as possible. If they have to walk to the front of the auditorium to find a seat it is quite embarrassing.

· There are fewer distractions during worship. By sitting toward the front, you can avoid a lot of distractions that disrupt concentration during worship. You won’t see the latecomers filing in. You mind will be clear to marvel at the Lord during the sermon and to sing with "understanding!"

· The singing becomes more enjoyable. Sitting up front means that all the voices are pointed in your direction. You are surrounded by the sound of harmonious voices singing praise to God. You’ll be stirred to sing more enthusiastically yourself.

· The preaching is better. That’s right. You miss a lot in the back of the auditorium. The expression on the face of the speaker (and the song leader) adds depth to the message being communicated. You will feel more a part of the message (as if the speaker were talking directly to you) if you can read the expressions on his face.

· It makes a positive statement about your interest and involvement in what is happening. Question: When you buy a ticket to a concert, theater or a sporting event, do you ask for the seat farthest away? When visitors see rows of empty pews at the front, what impression does that make on them as to our involvement in worship and our excitement about the Lord?