Saturday, July 28, 2007

Good Success Doesn't Come Cheap

Whao! It is true that good quality doesn't come cheap. For over 12hours or more, I have been crawling round webpages looking for ideas on how to improve the appearance of my blog. It has not been an easy task.

The effort has been fruitful. However, I have new challenges accompanying the ideas that I just discovered. For example, I found out that I can actually alter a lot of elements in my layout that I thought were "unchangeable". However, to do a very good job, I need to improve my knowledge of HTML. I need to learn some new tricks. I even need to register with some Google Groups.

Success trully doesn't come cheap. Since I am determined to make this blog interesting for my visitors and fans, I don't consider these challenges as unsurmountable. I will just keep at it. One day at a time. One step after another. I beleive in just a few months from now, I will be proud of what I have been able to accomplished.