Wednesday, January 2, 2008

An Attempt to Show Love turned Sour!

I came across a beautiful love link post by a blogger, Jason. He posted an Entrecard Wall Paper that contained the picture/logo of about 1,300 bloggers who are registered members of Entrecard. To me it was a beautiful work and its effect on fellow Entrecard members will be free advertisement and an improvement on their ranking with the search engine. So, I decided to post same in my blog (He actually encourage anyone that feels like to copy and paste same). I acknowledge in my post that I got the link love from Jason.

I was shocked when I received some furious comments from fellow bloggers on the post. One went as far as claiming that I stole his copyrighted logo and he was going to report me to Google. About three others follow suit hailing the first blogger. Some other bloggers commented that the whole point being made by the first blogger was ridiculous as I do not directly benefit from the post. The benefit actually goes to the fellow Entrecard members whose blogs were being advertised on my blog without them paying for it.

Well in the spirit of peace. I took down the Love Link Wallpaper. Not because I was afraid of being reported to Google (lol). However, I noted that about two of the bloggers that commented were pure hyprocrites who were looking for an avenue to make name out of controversy. I will explain what I mean.

These guys demanded that I remove their pictures and their links (the items being referred to are so tiny that you might not even noticed them as there were about 1300 of such in the wallpaper) from my blog because I am not permitted to put their picture and link (which they claimed were copyrighted) on my blog without their permission, this sounds ridiculous enough but wait. The same pretenders, now went ahead to include links to their blogs in the comment they wrote. Isn’t that hypocrisy? Well, the whole experience is just added to my box of online-wisdom. However, as much as I can, I won’t recommend anyone doing business with those guys. You want their names and blog address, no, I won’t give you. But you can discover it yourself from the comments they made on this blog. Enjoy!


GorillaSushi said...

Kudos to you for responding in a mature, polite and concise manner.

Tammie said...

I echo what gorillasushi says about this. It really does seem that no good deed goes unpunished. But don't let the few get you down. I'm fairly sure that, for every one of their opinion, there are at east 100 of us who support you.

BroTee said...

@gorillasushi & tammie
Thanks for dropping by at my blog. Your comments were quite encouraging. In my humble opinion, the online community is not a place to spread hate, but show and spread love.
Even if Sam, Alan and his fellows are right about the Love link posing a danger to the welfare of bloggers that are Entrecard members, a polite explanation would have won the approval of all.
To me it is ridiculous how they go about calling people names and shouting on top of the roof while John Chow who is an Entrecard Member also, is silent about the whole thing. At least, I know that John Chow has invested a lot in his blog that he will not sit idle while his online business is being jeopardise.
Once again I say thanks for the encouragement.