Thursday, January 24, 2008

Entrecard - The Bloggers' First Choice

Call it whatever you like. Entrecard is making wave and it has come to stay. Few big time bloggers are calling the traffic generated by this community-effort junk-traffic. In my opinion that is just a way of letting out their frustration that the system is not recognizing them. The system cares less, who you are. As long as you visit and drop cards on other's site, you must have traffic.

For the past two months, I have visited blogs and website that I might not have visited in the next 5years irrespective of how much advertisement they might buy from Google and the rest advertisers.

The system put in place by Entrecard is so natural. It is like visiting individuals in their homes one by one. Of course, the response is quite encouraging. If you call at my home as a friend and drop a note, it is most likely that I will want to check on you too. If for nothing else, just to reciprocate the love shown.

Beside this, the rewarding system put in place by the Entrecard team has turned out to be another unique innovation on the internet. Gone are the days that you can only buy things if you have PayPal or credit cards. Now I can buy advertisement, books and some other things and actually pay using the Entrecard Credits that I have accumulated. This might not mean so much for those of you readers in developed countries. For some of us in third world countries it is a great relief.

For some months now, I have been having a serious challenge. I wanted to purchase some services over the net, but the companies are not willing to have anything to do with me just because I do not own a credit card. Yet I have the physical cash to pay. They don't want wire transfer, they don't want Western Union and that is it. Maybe in few months to come, they will be willing to accept EntreCash! :-)

I personally look forward to more innovation from the Entrecard Team. Bloggers that are members of the Entrecard communities too have been developing wonderful ideas. I guess Google and other advertisers will have to buckle up. Thumps up to Entrecard!


Amanda said...

I jsut signed up for entrecard and it's pretty neat.