Friday, January 4, 2008

Make Money Online!

Make Money Online! That is one screaming headline that gets good attention on the web. Make Money from Home. Work from Home. You too can blog for money blah, blah, blah.... There are thousand upon thousands of websites that promises to take a novice from $0 dollar to whopping six digit income with their magic online marketing formula overnight!

Unfortunately, many of these Instant Miracle Millionaire Formula never work. The poor newbie entrepreneur ends up having a leaking pocket and heart-ache. I have come across so many of such get rich quick advert that I cringe whenever I site the topic Make Money Online!

Does that mean it is impossible to make money online? There are many big time online entrepreneurs who claim they make their living off the net. Some of them have gone as far as showing photos of their pay-cheque from the big advertisers such as Google, PayPerPost etc. Are they all telling lies?

The answer is NO. It is indeed possible to make money online. However, if you are lazy and unwilling to pay your dues, in terms of putting the required effort into your online business, you will end up a failure.

Just like any offline business you need to make goals, set targets, plan on how to achieve them and then work consistently until you achieve your set goals. Obviously, this cannot be achieve overnight in the physical business environment. So also, it is impossible to achieve such overnight in the blogosphere. Remember, people are the real factor for success in any business venture. If you assume they are dumb, in less than no time you will soon discover that they are not. And they will go to any length to proof it to you.

So I will advice that if you are serious about making money online, you need to sit down and set a goal. Carry out extensive research on the web. Study those that are successful in the niche you’re interested in and then follow their footstep. This method is slow, but you will no in time that it is steady and it works! See you at the top. Cheers.



Yes it is possible to make money online, and that is if u make the effort before the money. We have had our times when we earned money from blogging, and we're pretty sure everybody else can too if they want to. =)

Webster Twelb said...

I can't believe you're already accepted in PPP...omg..

tell me when you get paid okay..
i still can't join coz my blog is still less than 3 months old..


ilemobadeoyedun said...

It is possible to make money online and I have experience the joy of it. It is also possible to lose money online and I have lost some dough also.
Making a living thru online investment is not easy as some people may think, it require work as much as you did in your offline work.