Monday, January 7, 2008

Blogging Like a Pro!

Blogging like a Pro, that is my desire! I want to blog like a professional! That is my next goal. I don’t want to just be a nobody in the blogosphere. I want to make impact. I want to add value. I want my readers to come calling back without being cajoled.

How am I going to achieve that? Well, I have not been able to figure it out yet. I have been reading a lot of books and articles on what an ideal professional blog should look like. Unfortunately, the information that I have come across has not been really simple. It has been a bit complicated.

However, I have come to understand one fact, bloggers cannot just be lumped into two categories. Bloggers for money and Bloggers for fun. There are several categories. There are bloggers for fun, who make money from their blogs. But their main satisfaction comes from the wide readership they enjoy, not necessarily the income they make from their blog. There are corporate bloggers who tries to promote corporate products, services or ideas. There are even political bloggers.

Also, there are professional online marketers who are only out to make as much income as possible. So they only use their blogging skill to lure readers to their site so that the site enjoys good patronage and return good income.

So the question is, what kind of professional blogger do I want to be. I have been doing so much of reading and visiting blogs and less of posting on my blog. I am beginning to get bored with the whole exercise. I am almost telling myself that I should just be a rambling blogger! Yes, I blog for myself and anyone that identifies with my ramblings.

So, what do you think! Your suggestion may be the singular inspiration I have been waiting for. You never can tell, you may turn me to a Professional blogger. Thanks for calling anyway.


Ady said...

How do you define a professional blogger. You have to set a concrete goal. Like say i want 100 unique visitors everyday or something else.

LaTease Rikard said...

Saved by Jesus...I like am goal this year is to get 1000 readers a day...right now I am averaging about 163...

Magdalen Islands said...

I see your are interested in making a little money from your blogging. I also do PayPerPost but haven't really succeeded making money.

You can try Sponsored Reviews also, which basically the same thing, but they are less restrictive and have many more reviews that you can do. They have no limitation on the money you earn and pay you almost immediately for your review through PalPal. I tend to prefer them though they don't pay me to advertise them.

I've have found there are many such programs out there, just waiting for us to make some money.

Thanks for the visit before Christmas. I know it has been a while for me to get back to you, but I did enjoy your comment on the chat box.

Magdalen Islands said...

I sorry to bother you but I have just learned something new that may interest you.

Smorty has asked me to participate in an ad campaign..., nothing new there.

But they said that they wouldn't accept PayPerPost on the ad site or 'click me's', which I see you have. So I thought there is a competitive action there. Sounded something like that and I was going to leave it.

The past few days, a few people have mentioned that there site ratings are dropping and they didn't know why. Mine also have dropped but I couldn't ask why.

It turns out that Google rating system is marking any sites withPayPerPost down. I'm going to blog about it when I do some more research on the subject later on tonight. But I thought I'd let you know that PPP may be hurting your more than it is helping you.

I'll know more about the subject by tomorrow.