Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Free traffic from RSSHugger

Well like any other blogger out there, I desire traffic. Voluminous and consistent traffic. No matter how wonderful a blog is, if it is ‘undiscovered’ it will be like a lamp hidden under the desk where it is of no benefit to anyone. So, in my quest for traffic, I came across this website that promise me a lot of ‘free’ traffic.

I have checked on some bloggers who registered before me and their review is that that RSSHugger is delivering traffic to their site as promised. So here we go, more exposure for our blog! We can concentrate on posting interesting articles, while RSSHugger does the herculean task of delivering them to readers all over the globe.

If you have not joined, I will suggest that you give it a try. After all, it will cost you just few seconds of registering. The registration process is quite straightforward. You can join by clicking here.