Saturday, January 5, 2008

First Saturday of the Year

I won’t go to work today. I seem to have been overworking myself. Since it is the first weekend of the New Year, I plan to spend it with my family. Afterall, the whole oil city is still yet to recover from the holiday mood. So many workers that travelled to their villages and hometowns are yet to return to the city.
The roads are quite free. You can dash from one end of the city to another within minutes. Each of those traffic junctions, that on normal days are nightmare for motorists, are quite free now. The whole thing looks funny to me. Human beings moving up and down, so busy hurrying to move from one place to another, as if there is no tomorrow. God is gracious enough to accommodate our funny view about life.
Enough of my ramblings. I got to go and attend to the Queen, the Princesses and Sharon. By the way Sharon is becoming too playful. I guess, she might end up as a pet instead of a family guard dog!