Monday, November 26, 2007

2 at a go!

I was surprised to receive 2 awards at a go for my blog. Ironically, I just finished writing a comment on another blog where I sincerely stated that I feel I'm too carefree about my blogging such that I most likely will not qualify for paid blogging. Well, someone somewhere feel I shouldn't quit bl0gging. I am quite encouraged.

Here is the first award:

And here is the second one:

A big thanks to MumsDadsChildren for the awards. I pray that the Lord will help me to improve on my ability to impact lives via blogging. Shalom


Oracle said...

You got 2 awards?
Show me where you got them so that I can go for mine. lol

Congratulations Bro Tee

BroTee said...

Bros, I got them from I don't know if I am expected to give them out to others that I think deserve them? I have to find out.

Koala Gal said...


What are the difference between the awards?

What are they about???

I like your blog too!
Have u got another blog?