Friday, November 9, 2007

Busy as a bee!

This week will go down as the most busy in the history of the existence of my current place of work. From the begining of the week. Everyone have been so busy that none could even afford to take the official lunch period.
Well not that I am complaining, because we are busy producing result. It is more of a testimony that the Lord God Almighty has smiled on us at a time when many of our competitors are lamenting that there are no jobs.
It took a lot of determination to put in this little writeup. Too many tasks begging for attention. We give God praise for His tender mercies.
Let the living shout a big Halleluyah!!!!!


Nuggets of Gold said...

We don't know how blessed we are when we can say a spontaneous Halleluya. It shows that we are fulfilling our reason for being.

What do you do? Just curious.