Saturday, November 3, 2007

Remote Access To my Desktop!

I came across an interesting service on the web. It is called LogMeIn. After downloading a piece of software less than 9mb in size. You will be able to control your PC via internet from anywhere in the world. It sounded interesting to me. So I registered at the site and downloaded the software. After everything, I went to a friends pc and bravo it works. I was able to log on to my desktop pc and I was able to access my files and documents as if I was sitting right in front of my desktop.
I guess this service can come in handy when one is away from the office and you need to quickly get some details from your desktop. This is not an advertisement, just recommendation from an excited user of the free service (some of the packages are commercial).
DISCLAIMER: I am not a computer guru, so be aware that this facility might also be exploited by HACKERS. Please if you choose to use it, get experts advise on how best to safeguard yourself and your information from hackers.


Oracle said...

Sounds like a wonderful service.

Since itz still free, many people might as well try it.