Monday, November 12, 2007

We've got a puppy!

A friend gave us a puppy that is about a week old yesterday. The kids and I were so excited about the puppy even though the Lady of the house was of the opinion that we were not ready for such additional responbility. To be frank she is right. Those of us that are excited about owning the puppy are the most ignorant pet owners you can ever think of.
That we are having the puppy at such age is due to the fact that the dog that gave birth to the puppy died by accident. So my friend had to give out the puppies at such a tender age when they needed their mother most.
Well, God in His mercy provided the kids and I a brother who has nursed puppies before. So we are learning with excitement, while the lady of the house is issuing warnings that we better get ready for the herculean project we have embark upon with her "permissive will". Of course I can't blame her. Those of us that are excited rarely stay at home. Two of us go to school and only returns in the afternoon, while I am known for getting home late in the evenings. So invariably we are just adding to the work of the home-manager.
Well, we have made a solemn promise to take care of the puppy. I for one have to get some quick tutorial online on how to care for a puppy.



Madam is right, taking care of a puppy is not easy. But, it will be a rewarding experience for all of you, I am sure.

Here is a link I found that could be helpful -

I hope it helps!

Bro. Tee said...

@ Solomonsydelle
Thanks for sharing the site is really full of wonderful tips and ideas.