Thursday, November 22, 2007

Those Good Old Days..........

"In those good old days" is a statement I'm striving to remove completely from my speech. It simply shows how pessimistic one is. I feel it is also borne out of ingratitude to the Lord who daily lavishly showers His love on us. Sincerely speaking, a critical look at ones present state will show that it is far better than what it use to be (even if you are in the midst of a crisis). Yes, you would have learnt one valuable lesson or another.

As we add to our age each day, we tend to learn and understand better what life is all about than when we were younger. Some issues become clearer and we begin to rearrange our priorities.
However, the enemy often plays trick with our minds. We are tempted to fantasize with days that are past. We use our imagination to beautify them and remove the pains and sorrow associated with those days leaving only the pleasant memories. Then we declare proudly that those past days were "good old days" as if we wish like the Israelites to go back to Egypt.

I strongly belief that the devil is the one that wants us to keep referring to the past as being "good old days". If indeed they were good old days, then I am in better days and the best days are yet to come.

Beloved, irrespective of what you're passing through, consider the fact that He is faithful that has promised and He is able to bring it to come to pass. Get excited about today, because today is indeed better than yesterday. So far, today is indeed the best day of my life! Yes, you might not agree with me immediately, but ponder on it, then you will see that it is true.
Stay blessed.