Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sharon Is One Month Old!

Our little puppy (Sharon) is growing. She is exactly one month old today. For about a week now, she has occasionally made funny sounds that I was told is her own initially attempt at barking. She has been a nice pet for the children and a very neat puppy. Every member of the family have come to respect her for indicating when she wants to defecate. The picture in this post was taken about a week ago. She looks stronger now. Being a cross-breed, I was told we will have so many surprises as per her temperament and lifestyle. Well, I think it's going to be a lot of fun.


Koala Gal said...

Hi Sharon is very very cute!!!!!!!!

Hi hi BroTee,
Thanks for visiting my Blog!

You do have a lot of gadgets and technologies on your blog, like viewers/readers. How can I sign in as a viewer/reader with my Blogger account?

Wish you and Sharon health and peace with Jesus!

It is really very funny about the title of our blogs: it is like 2 verse in a poem:
Sinner saved by Jesus
Loner loved by Jesus.

Hallalujah to our Lord!

Bola said...

Congrats,every time i hear about Sharon i remembered the dog i had as a kid,named her mariam, got poisoned by some dog haters.I guess that was why my hubby has refused my plea to get a dog for my little boy.I remember the fun i had with mariam, i guess that will be when we move to our own house.In the meantime,we all get to enjoy the very adorable Sharon.And i must say I'm jealous, i love dogs,especially when they are still small.

Nuggets of Gold said...

I haven't really gotten used to liking dogs except when they are young like Bola said. But i may get round to it some day and i know the potential is there.

Some years ago a neighbour of ours had a dog which managed to find it's way into our flat occasionally. Even though we would chase it out, shout it down and sometimes ignore it; we were all very sad when we heard it had been knocked down by a car.

So the potential to like a dog is there... someday!!!

Thanks for your visits to my blog and the encouraging messages you leave.