Saturday, November 10, 2007

Quiet Saturday !

As at close of work yesterday, I was expecting a busy and energy sapping Saturday. Whao, it turned out to be the opposite. The day started alright with busy activities. I had to leave home earlier than usual but as at 8:00a.m, the herculean task that kept everyone on their toes the whole of yesterday was already completed.
It was with a clear conscience that I took permission to go out of the office and attend to a personal assignment for 2hours.
I came back to the office and we are just two left in the building. The whole place is quiet and peaceful. PHCN added to the whole tranquility by rendering the diesel generator redundant. It is a quiet Saturday. News from colleagues outside the office are pleasant and positive. Father, I give you praise. Thanks for making this weekend a quiet one. I am gathering momentum for tomorrow fellowhip. Somebody has good reasons to shout a big Halleluyah!!!



I thank God for you quiet Saturday as well.
I spent mine trying to hibernate in a house with 3 active children and a phone that refused to remain silent! But I thank God nonetheless. lol!

Bola said...

Thank God for your quiet sat.Mine was quite hectic,running a PG that make my weekend no-existent.Glad the weekend is over.