Friday, November 23, 2007

I've got a crucial Appointment

Her majesty called about an hour ago and reminded me that despite my workload in the office, I've got to be home on time. Who am I to disobey after reading the warnings of Sis. Dupe Olorunjo? Also, I remembered that the two Princesses at home have made a complaint that my being busy as a bee is no longer welcomed. I have to prioritize properly now less I end up being the answer to Mumsdadschildren questions of "who is to blame?"
If I venture make any excuse, I will be reminded of the solemn promise I made when casting vote in favour of a new addition to the family (Sharon).


Bola said...

Love this post,especially the part about casting vote for the new addition to the family.WOW, thought we were the only ones casting votes!