Monday, December 31, 2007

A big Thank you to all my online friends!

After reading some articles today. I have decided to show appreciation to all my online friends. I have decided to do a plain link love post to all of them. It is surely an Herculean task. But I have decided to start today. Here it goes!

Dear friend,

Thanks for all your encouragement throughout the year 2007. I wish you a prosperous year 2008.


Koala Gal said...

Hi hi Brotee!!!
Long time no see!
Thank you for your appreciation and support too!!!!

Let's keep in touch!!!

I am applying to go for a short missionary trip in Thailand this summer, and hope to share with you more later when I've got accepted and start the training....

My Thailand mission blog

Danke!! Thanks! Gracias! Merci!! 多謝!!
(can you read the Chinese?)