Friday, December 28, 2007

I signed up for PayPerPost!

I started this blog with one goal in mind, to share my sincere thoughts in an online diary. Some few weeks after I started, I noticed that some older bloggers were having different kinds of advertisement displayed on their blogs. One of my early tutors in blogging explained to me what it was all about but I was not really interested. However, when Sister Bola gave a pass mark to my blog and recommended that I should consider blogging for money, I decided to take a second look at her site and see how she was making money. I was fascinated to discover that the beautiful badges of PayPerPost that I have been seeing were indeed revenue earners. That convinced me because her two blogs mumsdadschildren and life blog magazine are known for being content rich. They are blogs designed for human beings primarily. I was happy to note that the PayPerPost program was designed in such a way that I can blog about things that I love and approve off. I don't have to blog about products or services that I abhor.

So at last I joined the PayPerPost program. All that is expected of me is to share my honest opinion about products/services being offered by selected advertisers. I am expected to search through a long list of opportunities available and pick the ones that I am comfortable with. The good thing though is the fact that there are tons of opportunities to choose from. I can even do my own little research on the advertisers to determine if I want to have anything to do with them (makes me feel like a bride-to-be that has to be wooed).

Registring for PayPerPost is quite simple. However, after subscribing your blog will be reviewed by the admin team. There are certain criteria that your blog must meet before it will be approved.

After the first review of my blog, it was rejected because it contained some technical flaws. (That rejection was a blessing in disguise). After correcting the flaws, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my ratings in Technorati and Alexa improved drastically.

Eventually, on December 26th (the traditional day for opening Christmas gifts), I received an email from PayPerPost stating that my blog has being approved (That was a good Christmas gift). Now I am ready to start making money doing what I love doing, blogging. I already have a plan on what I will use the extra income for. I am going to get a domain and host my blog on it. I am also planning to start a forum where I can exchange thoughts with people of like mind.

Since you have read this post this far, I wish to recommend to you PayPerPost. Check out the site and I promise you, you will be impressed at the great potential it offers both bloggers and advertisers. Why not join me and start blogging the PayPerPost way? It promise to be a lot of fun while we make money. Let me know when you’ve joined. Cheers.