Friday, December 14, 2007

Eleven Days to Christmas!

Praise God! Eleven days to Christmas, the pressure is reducing. Things are getting tidied up (though at a slow pace). Today has been especially eventful. I got some good tips on how to improve my blog. By the way, I was supposed to have talked about ENTRECARD a blog promotion organisation that I subscribed to. Their service has been wonderful. I get as much as 20 visitors from them per day since I joined. I've got to do a real post about my experience with them so far.
Today I signed in with PAYPERPOST. My blog was not approved because their was a technical hitch in my setup. I've corrected it and I look forward to the blog getting approved.


Jaden said...

Hi! I saw your link on WebsterTwelb's blog so I thought I'd drop by. I'll have to check into ENTRECARD... I'm always interested in new ways to get hits. Usually I get about 300-400 a day, mostly from Digg or Propeller, but also from programs like ENTRECARD.

And... isn't it *11* days till Christmas? Or are you talking about Christmas Eve?

Nice blog you have here!

- Jaden

Webster Twelb said...

Hey Jayden..hmmm..I can't believe I saw him here...

Yeah It's 11 days 'til Christmas, that's probably what you it's 10.

I tried entrecard before...I think I'll check out my account there again.

Payperpost..*Sobs* I got denied there..and still now i haven't figured how to enter agaun..please tell me..

BroTee said...

Thanks Jaden. You're right.It is 11days till Christmas. I guess I miscalculated the number of days 'cos I'm eager to take time off from work.
Thanks for dropping by.
I'll sure love to learn some secret on getting high traffic from you. Cheers.

BroTee said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting. You're right about the number of days to Christmas. I've corrected the post and the previous ones. Merry Christmas in advance. Cheers.

Webster Twelb said...

You too.