Saturday, December 29, 2007

Blogging For Fun, Blogging For Money – 100 posts down!

I think I’ve come a long way since I made my first post on July 18th 2007. I titled the post My First Step. Since then, I have made additional 99posts. This post being the 100th. I guess I deserve a treat. All my online tutors should congratulate me for not quitting.

I started my blog, with the aim of blogging for fun. I did not care what I post and I care less what my readers think about my postings. I just sit and type away at the keyboard until I feel I’ve done justice to the ramblings going on in my mind. This is evidence in my earlier posts. I blogged about anything, and everything that appealed to me.

Along the line, I have changed my mind. I have come to learn that a blog must have focus. A blog must serve a particular group of readers. If you continue blogging about anything and everything, you cannot have dedicated visitors to your blog. However, if the blog serves a particular niche in the blog-world, then you will begin to have loyal readers.

So, what do I intend to do now. Since my blog is my personal online diary, I cannot dedicate it to a particular group of readers, so I will only try to improve on my CATEGORIES such that different visitors can go directly to the area of the diary that they are interested in.

Next, I intend to have other blogs that will be quite focused and specific in the type of readers they address. One of these will definitely be focusing on how to make money online via blogging. I will be sharing my experience on how to start a successful business blog and how to move from a nobody with seven digit Alexa and Technorati rankings to four digits. All that I have learnt from gurus like John Chow will be shared in the blog.

I will also love to have a blog that will contain pure tutorials, tips and tricks that I have learned in my blogging experience so far. I will dedicate the blog to newbie bloggers. I understand that this will be time demanding and it will require a lot of determination not to abandon it half way.

I will definitely want to host my new blogs on domains I paid for. I have discovered that blogs hosted on such domains have more flexibility than those hosted on free domains like Blogger and Wordpress.

I guess, I’ve done some justice to the ramblings in my mind. It is time to go and celebrate. By the way, I will appreciate it if you review my blog and make recommendation on how I can improve on it. Your sincere criticism will be appreciated. Ok, here is a solemn promise; I will visit your blog if you drop a comment ;-) I hope that is enough inducement to make you stop and reconsider my appeal.

Thanks for visiting anyway. Enjoy your holiday!


Anonymous said...

Hi, hope you're making some money, but it's good to have somewhere to just write your thoughts down isn't it? Good luck with the blogging.

BroTee said...

Thanks for dropping by Tex. Yes, I've started making some cents through adsense, but I am expecting bigger bucks from PayPerPost ;-)
Meanwhile, I am investing in learning how to make more money online. Now I am off to your blog as I promised. Cheers.