Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Making Money Online

After 6months of active participation on the net. I have come to respect those online entrepreneurs who make the buck of their earnings from online business. I have discover that making money online requires skills, know-hows and much consistent hard-work.

Never mind all the hypes of moving from zero to 5digit figures overnight. Those that have garner the required experience can easily achieve that over and over again. But for a newbie, you require a lot of patience.

If you are determined and refuse to quit at the slightest opportunity, you will eventually garner enough knowledge that will eventually translate into your dream of making your own mega bucks online. Until then, you need to keep on learning. An you know what, practice is better than reading. So, if you don't have any presence on the net yet, get started with a blog.
You never can tell, you might rank higher than John Chow of It is just a matter of determination and time. Cheers.