Monday, December 31, 2007

Hey, Blogger, It’s Time to Check Your Books!

Dear Blogger,

Today is 31st December, 2007. That means the year end is today. This is to formally inform you that it is time for you to bring out your books so that we can check how much you’ve made so far this year. You better tell the truth, failure to do so can be detrimental to your future survival in the Bloggers-World.

You are advise not to hide anything. All those cheques from Google, PayPerPost, Bidvertiser, Agloco, etc must be tendered. For your own good, please note that anything you failed to tender willingly will be (obtained by the use of force) such data will be used as evidence of an attempt to evade tax and you will be duly prosecuted in a reputable Court of Bloggers.

Don’t ask questions about who confer the right to check your books on me. I am the self-appointed auditor duly authorized to audit your books. My jurisdiction covers every blogger that has ever started a blog. Claiming that you blog for fun, will not prevent me from checking your books. After all, the fame you have acquired through your no-advert blog can be valued. Beside the traffic ranking of your blog and the several backlinks to your blog can easily be converted to income in the future.

For those of you, who will prefer to settle this issue as quickly as possible without attracting much attention, you can drop your address below. Entrecard credit is one of the acceptable currency for settlement.

The stubborn ones will be made to face severe public scrutiny where I am both the Judge, the one man Jury, the Prosecuting Lawyer and the Sole-Witness. You can be rest assured that you are already consider guilty until proven innocent.

You are advised in your own interest to co-operate.

Yours Faithfully,

Auditor General of Bloggers World