Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Should I blog for money, or for passion. That is the question that crops into the mind of a blogger often. I started blogging just for the fun of expressing myself to as many that consider what I dribble as being worth reading. I wanted to keep an online diary. I wanted to share with friends from various works of life what my day to day experiences are like, and how life is exciting.

After some months of blogging for fun, I started coming across blogs that were set up just for the purpose of making money online. Some were quite professional in their approach and can best be described as online businesses. Some were not so professional, but the amount of dedication put into the work shows that they are products of determined self-employed or home based business owners. I appreciate these two categories.

However, I came across another category of bloggers that I consider annoying (to say the least). These set assumed that the readers or visitors to their blogs are dummies who cannot discern. They assume that the visitor cannot differentiate between a blogger that is out to offer visitors quality content, and one that is out to waste their time by flaunting advertisements that are unsolicited for.

There is nothing wrong with blogging for money. I intend setting up a website solely for that purpose in the nearest future, but you can be assured that it will be targeted at a particular set of web-users who will know from onset that the website is a business outfit. I respect bloggers like John Chow of www.johnchow.com From the very first page, you are told what the website is all about. No pretense or false promise. Even though his website is a business outfit, yet he blogs for human beings. His readers testify to these. I personally have learned some useful tips from his blog.

There are many ways one can make money online without insulting the intelligence of blog readers. Never fall into the trap of those hoax peddlers that promise you six figure income from blogging once you subscribe to their network and ditch out your hard earn dollar. If their claim about Geogle Adsense Keyword Lists were true, they would not need your subscription money. They would have been using their so called auto-generating income software to do business with Google and the other big online advertisers.

It is funny, how a self pronounce pro-blogger can be talking about teaching someone how to make money online, while his site is less than six months old. Some paste pictures of cheques to convince the would be dummy. How can I agree to have a newbie blogger as life coach?

My advice is that anyone thinking of taking up blogging as a part-time or full time job should do a lot of research and get advice from bloggers that have made a name in the business. Many if not all of them will emphasis that you must blog for human beings first, after that, you can expect TRAFFIC which with the necessary skill can eventually be converted into money. If you set money as priority thinking that you are dealing with dummies online, then you will end up realizing that you are the real dummy. Do not blog as a con artist who is using the mask of being anonymous to lurk unsuspecting victims to part with their hard earn money.

I hope I have not discouraged my regular readers and new visitors by this post. This is just my own personal opinion. Remember, I am just about seven months old as a blogger. So if there are points that I have mistreated (as a newbie blogger), feel free to comment, I will gladly learn as you share with me. Thanks for visiting.


bokjae said...

hey bro, you can use the layout, no stealing here! Wow! 6 months old and you are blogging like a pro! Hurray!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Woah! Good entry! I am a newbie still learning! Have a nice day!

Webster Twelb said...

Great Post BroTee...
My blog is less than 3 months old. When I started I was only thinking of myself then the next day i told myseld i needed reader, the next week I found out about making money out of blog.

My blog has a lot of ads..but now I'm thinking I'm not gonna earn anything out of those things..but i'll keep em anyway..i like their layout and it adds color in my blog..

well goodluck to you..have you actually earned anything on google adsense?or such?

Webster Twelb said...

hey bro!

You've just been tagged..for more information follow this link:


or go to my blog and look for Magic 8's in my archives.

BroTee said...

Thanks for the permission. It is nice having you around often, to read my post and comment. I really appreciate your encouragements. Cheers.

BroTee said...

@hor ny ang moh
Thanks for visiting. You're welcome to the blogging world. I will be willing to share the little I know with you so that you don't need to repeat the same mistakes that I and others have made before you learn to do it right. Cheers.

BroTee said...

Thanks for visiting again and again. And thanks for tagging me. I will check it out. Cheers.

Magdalen Islands said...

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