Saturday, December 22, 2007

Three Days to Christmas!

I’m in the office with my faithful friend (my Pentium 4 desktop computer). We are just alone in the department (even though at the click of a button, we can socialize with friends online) . Everyone else (my colleagues) is either out on the field working or back at home resting. Since there are people out working, and they need support service, I have to be in the office to keep track and give whatever support they may need via phone or email.

Having done some little work and gotten bored. I decided to browse for something to cheer my mood up. Nothing I came across was able to get me the desired result. Finally, I fired up my E-Sword, guess what I came across. A little article that touched my heart. After going through it, I felt I should share same with my readers.

Tracing Character to Its Source

During a thunder storm that contained high winds, a giant oak tree was blown down. The tree was thought to be in perfect health; that is, from outward appearance it seemed to be in good health since it was almost perfectly shaped and full of green leaves. However, the massive tree could not withstand the stress of the high wind because of deterioration on the inside. What started as a tiny corruption at the center of the tree had spread until that tremendous tree was so weakened that it was toppled by the wind.

One may reach a point where he forsakes God altogether. It is because he (like the tree) has decayed on the inside. Perhaps the deterioration started with a little lie or one small drink of beer or forsaking the assembly to go fishing or camping. Long before our feet carry us where we ought not to go, and our hands do what they ought not to do, the desire is in our hearts (Psalm 119:9-11). With pure hearts we will be able to stand the stress of temptation and the stress of everyday living.

As you prepare to celebrate this season, keep this in mind. Watch the desires of your heart and ensure they are aligned with God’s will as revealed in the Holy Bible. Shalom