Friday, December 21, 2007

Four Days to Christmas!

We had two days break because the Federal Government of Nigeria declared public holiday. It was nice spending the two days resting and socializing with the two princess. The queen was busy like a bee! I was really looking forward to spending a day or two in a village on evangelistic outreach.
Alas, it seems I'm going miss the go-a-fishing. Business in the office picked up with an unusual fervency this morning. Clients were making demand via phone calls and emails. From the look of things, tomorrow may end up being a very busy day. I may not be able to go for the evangelistic program. That will be a big shame, after all the advertisement that I made to the brethren and the personal persuasion that I gave to some that did not want to participate. The queen is on her way to the Christmas Camp Event organized for the children.
Am I complaining? No, not really, we prayed in the office for jobs, so I can't complain about the busy schedule. I only wish I will have an opportunity to join the brethren to go-a-fishing!


kyh said...

Merry Christmas in advance! ;)

channelofhealing said...

ok I take it You are a member of RCCG, anyways, love your truthfulness am bookmarking your blog now so I can visit as you update your posts.

Godbless you bro Tee